DIRECTIONS FROM THE AIRPORT: After exiting the airport on Owen Roberts Drive after about half a mile following the runway you will make a left at the T-junction. Follow this road as it curves around taking you parallel to the airport runway. As you approach the next junction be in the left most lane, then bear left and circle around the bottom of the runway. Bear left again and merge into traffic on Crewe Road.

You will then be heading east and away from the hustle and bustle of George Town. Stay to the left again at the roundabout, followed shortly by the Grand Harbour roundabout. At the Grand Harbour roundabout take the second exit and get into the right lane. This will take you onto the new east-west arterial. You will approach another roundabout that you will take the second exit from. Then you will approach another roundabout that you will take the 3rd exit from. You will then be on the road that will take you all the way to Ocean Frontiers. Relax and enjoy the scenery.

You will head through Savannah, and then the coastal communities of Bodden Town and Breakers. It is recommended that you follow the road along the south coast. Next you will pass the famous 'Blow Holes' just before the village of East End. In East End you will pass a Texaco Gas Station on your right. We are about 1 mile past the Texaco on the ocean side next door to a bright purple house. We have two large red and white dive flags and a yellow submarine in front of the dive shop that are easily visible from the road and plenty of signage.

The approximate distance to the resort will be 20 miles and your travel time will be a leisurely 40 minutes.